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Tesla AutoPilot Causes Yet Another Crash In China

AutoPilot is the hottest feature of the Tesla EVs. However, the driving assist mode has come under heavy criticism after the reports of EV crashes began to surface.

AutoPilot has been deemed responsible for yet another accident. The collision was reported on a Beijing highway when the car of Luo Zhen hit another vehicle parked on the highway shoulder.


Image Source: Tesla


Luo and Tesla affirmed that the AutoPilot mode was active at the tome of the accident. The dashcam video obtained from Luo clearly shows that the AutoPilot did not correctly react to the parked vehicle.


As a result, Tesla EV knocked off the side mirror of the car and the two vehicles were scrapped.


Image Source: Car News China


Tesla commented that it has repeatedly advised the drivers to keep their hands on the wheel in the AutoPilot mode. Luo confirmed that his hands were off the wheel, and he was checking his phone. However, he insisted that the feature was sold to him as a self-driving mode.


Image Source: Tesla


Tesla has repeatedly asserted that this feature is just for assisting the drivers, not for autonomous driving. If anything, the fatal accident where the driver of the Model S lost his life is a stark reminder to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.