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Tesla Allegedly Stalls In The Middle Of A Six-Lane Highway, Disgruntled Owner Shares The Strange Reason Why

Tesla Allegedly Stalled In The Middle Of A Six-Lane Highway

The owner of a 3D printing supply company called R3PKORD, Alan “Pooch” Puccinelli, owns a Tesla Model S. However, this piece is not about Tesla’s outstanding abilities but about how the Model S faltered on the road.

On Wednesday night, Puccinelli’s Tesla came to a striking halt in the middle of a six-lane highway in North Auburn, California. However, the individual ensured that he avoids any fatal loss by flagging down a road maintenance team to set up flares and call a tow truck. This incident adds weight to the statement that although increasingly AI dependent vehicles have astounding features and ease for the user, they are not free of technical hitches.   

Puccinelli tweeted that the alert initially popped up and read, “Service is required. Pullover safely.” When the alert popped up, the car was in no need of service and had a charging to tread another 160 miles.

By the time Puccinelli could contemplate the reason for the alert, the vehicle locked itself up and came to a complete halt. He had no way to override the breaks of the vehicle and pull it over to the side. The car could not have been moved and what augmented the problem was that there was no way to restart the vehicle manually.

Finally, a Tesla support agency on the company’s roadside text chat assistance called for a tow truck. The tow truck pulled off the vehicle from the hazardous zone and to safety. But later, Puccinelli concluded that something made Tesla swiftly lose its power.

This incident might not have ended drastically, but it could have. The event raises a lot of suspicion over the credibility of the electric cars as one error led to another in this situation; it can end up being fatal. Although many pros and cons are on display for us to decide from, one thing is for sure the electric revolution is well underway.

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