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Teenage Girl Dies After Her Phone Explodes Under Her Pillow

Alua, A Teenage Girl Is Dead - Mobile Exploding During Charging

In Bastobe, Kazakhstan, a young girl who was only fourteen years old, has been found dead. What happened? Her phone battery burst into flames next to her while she slept. Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek was at her village home listening to music when her phone that was being charged exploded.

As per police, her smartphone was plugged into a power socket for charging purposes, and she had placed it under her pillow. It was the next morning that Alua’s family learned about the tragic incident. Paramedics were called almost immediately, but it had already been too late by then.

It is being said that the 14-year-old, Alua, suffered serious head injuries. The young girl, apparently, died on the spot when the explosion took place. An investigation was carried out by forensic experts, and it was ascertained that the mobile phone exploded during the early hours of the morning. The reason for the explosion has been identified as the phone overheating during its charging.

The girl’s death has been termed as a tragic death, and friends and family members of the girl have taken to social media for expressing their condolences. Ayazhan Dolasheva, who is 15 years old, and was Alua’s best friend, said, ‘I still cannot believe it. You were the best. We have been together since childhood. It is so hard for me without you. I miss you so much. You have left me forever.’

The brand of the smartphone has still to be confirmed. This brings us to another important discussion; how can you make sure that you are following the safety protocols when you are using your smartphone? The London Fire Brigade has a safety guideline that customers can follow while making use of electrical items. It states that you should only use the charger that comes with your smartphone. If you are in need of a replacement charger, then you must opt for a branded and genuine product from a supplier that you know you can trust.

The list goes on to suggest other guidelines as well. However, what you need to take away from this incident is that you should never ever keep your electronic devices close to you when you are going to sleep. It is also a good idea to make sure that your electronic devices are charged in a safe environment – away from you.

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