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Teen Whose Mom Was Tired Of Him Playing Fortnite All The Time Wins $3 Million In World Cup Finals

Parents all over the world will think twice before they tell their children off for playing Fornite. Why? Because a sixteen-year-old kid was able to win $3 million playing this game! The Fortnite World Cup Finals was held in Arthur Ashe tennis stadium in New York, and Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf from Pennsylvania won it.

Giersdorf is not a stranger in the ever-competing Fornite circle, but with this win, he has managed to solidify his prowess in the game. He was able to beat Fortnite professional and renowned video game streamers while walking away with the grand prize for the individual players.

As per the reports, the grand prize was the biggest payout for a single player ever for an eSports event. The young play, Giersdorf, was able to finish the final round of the Fortnite World Cup Finals with 59 points – a huge margin from the runner up.

The second-place winner was Harrison ‘Psalm’ Chang, a 24-year old who was able to earn $1.8 million in the Fortnite World Cup Finals. The third place was secured by Shane ‘Epikwhale’ Cotton, another 16-year old who was able to win $1.2 million. The fourth position was snatched by Nate’ Kreo’ Kou, an eighteen-year-old who was able to win $1.05 million. Giersdorf said, ‘Words can’t really explain it. I’m so happy. Everything I’ve done in the grind has all paid off, and it’s just insane.’

Whereas, Chang – the oldest person competing in the match -said that it was great that to represent the ‘old dudes’ in the contest while saying that Fortnite was a ‘young man’s game.’ The first-ever Fornite tournament was able to draw in a lot of viewers with a total of about two million people watching it on Twitch.

All of the participants of the tournament, even the ones who had zero in terms of points were able to walk away with a minimum of $50,000. A total of 100 competitors were part of the tournament, and Epic Games gave away a total of $30 million during the Fortnite World Cup Finals.