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Take A Virtual Tour Of A German U-boat With These 42 Exclusive Pictures

Ahh, the dreaded German submarine U-995. The boat that was the star of both of the World Wars, and was the factor is the making and breaking of so many battles. This particular U-boat was a German Type VIIC/41. It was manufactured on 25th of November 1942 and was commissioned on 16th of September 1943. Its first commanding officer was Oberleutnant Walter Köhntopp, with its service halting at the end of the war on 8 May 1945 when it was finally brought down at Trondheim, Norway by the Royal Navy.


After being brought down, the boat was then transferred to Norwegian custody in October 1948. It was repaired, and in December 1952 the U995 was turned into the Norwegian submarine Kaura. The beauty remained active until 1965 when it was stricken by the Royal Norwegian Navy.

After that, the U-boat was bought by the German Navy again for the symbolic price of one Deutsche Mark in October 1971 and became an open exhibit Laboe Naval Memorial

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