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Take A Look Inside McLaren’s Minimalist Dream Factory

Coming from the same architect behind Apple’s Campus 2, Norman Foster; McLaren’s supercar factory is no less astounding. Located in the serene and rustic English town of Woking, it has the same masterstrokes of fixation on the finer details and a minimalist design.


The kidney-shaped factory has a giant mirror-esque facade located beside a self-created lake. The water creates a holy sight on sunny days and also helps to cool down the entire factory along with hosting some unique aquatic species.


The walls are made from aluminium and decorated with glass, allowing ample of natural light while keeping the solar gain to a minimum. The rubber roof is employed to collect rain water that is redirected towards the lake. The mechanical efficiency of the workers inside the 200-metre long factory gives it a look of a giant bee colony, everyone on his way and working in the design studios, labs and production centers connected by white and grey corridors.


Another unique aspect about the 300 million GBP factory is the lack of an assembly plant, the kind one expects in a major car manufacturer. And since all the cars are hand assembled, there are no mega machines making loud, clunky noises.



Recently McLaren introduced a gaming competition which promised a job placement at their factory as part of the company’s efforts to reclaim lost glory in the Formula One circuit. The team stood last in the previous season and McLaren; it is the first time in its history that it has failed to score a single F1 point in the opening six races of a season.


But the company’s illustrious history is a testimony that they will surely rise from the ashes very soon. For now, we’ll focus on the spectacular architecture and glamor of their factory and look away from the results on the field!