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Swedish Man Creates A $10,000 Drone That Can Carry A Man

Aladdin’s carpet is a reality now, or atleast something resembling it! Swedish engineer has created an outrageous 76-rotor ‘flying carpet’ that can lift a person several feet over the ground and helps them to fulfill all their flying fantasies. The $10,000 Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) drone is called ‘chAIR,’ which employs dozens of motors to lift the rider.

Creator ‘Axel Borg’ completed his first successful flight last month and has recently uploaded a footage of the contraption as it flies through the forest and navigates through the obstacles without a hitch.

The first manned flight flew for 8 minutes, consuming 57 percent of the total battery capacity. The drone has a ‘theoretical flight time’ of 14 minutes, but the experts say that a safe flight time is about 10 minutes using current technology.

The chAIR drone employs 76 Elite 5010 274Kv motors to lift the 35 kg structure, which is attached to four circular multi-rotor components. These motors are powered by 80 Multi-star 4S 5.2 Ah LiPo batteries, adding to the weight of the drone. Drone is aptly named “chAIR,” as a chair is literally attached right in the middle of the four flying hoops.

As the motors are turned on, the hoops become parallel with the ground, as the 76 motors begin to rotate in a noisy hum.

Although the inventor left out heavy safety gear during the test flight, Borg insisted that he has taken adequate steps to make the test runs as safe as possible.

Watch this video, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the contraption in the comments section below!

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