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Swedish Couple Constructs A Greenhouse Around Their Home To Keep It Warm

Meet Charles Sacilotto and Marie Granmar, a Swedish couple, living in Stockholm. This couple has come up with an amazing and ingenious way of surviving the harsh cold that Stockholm subjects its residents to. Their solution allows them to save energy, grow their own food and helps them keep warm. What’s the solution? It is a glass greenhouse that has been built around their house.

As per the couple, during January when the temperature average ranges around -2°C, thanks to the daylight accumulation in the greenhouse, the inside of the home is has a temperature of 15-20°C. The glass that surrounds the home is 4mm thick and has been designed to protect the house from snow, rain and wind.

The roof has been transformed into a terrace that is used for reading, sunbathing or for children to play. The couple is also growing vegetables and fruits inside the greenhouse that wouldn’t have survived the weather outside. The family collects rainwater and uses it for the house as well as for watering the plants. The house also converts the organic waste into compost. Sacilotto, however, says that the house is yet not completely self-sustaining and during harsher conditions, they still make use of electric heating.

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