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What If Aliens Extinguish Our Sun As Revenge? Here Are The Possible Outcomes

Credits: Wonderopolis

Let us assume we are oblivious to what caused the sun’s death. Assuming I was asleep in my apartment when this happened and the sun just went out. I never found out what happened. It is possible when you sleep like a rock, and an apocalypse is required to wake you up. In the evolution process of the sun, it got switched off. So now what? In such a scenario, there is a very good chance that following things may happen.

Freedom From Solar Flares

Remember the time when the solar flares set communication equipment on fire? How could I, I wasn’t alive in 1859. The telegraphic wires were burnt causing a communication outage. If solar flares are given a chance of another visit to the earth, it will cause the damage of more than a few trillion dollars to the US economy alone. I wouldn’t estimate that because the other day I was counting nine as a prime number instead of an odd number; the Department of Homeland Security claimed those estimates. The scale and number of hurricanes hitting the US will also immensely increase.

Credits: Daily Mail

The trillions in the US and around the world have been saved, given there are no more risks of solar flares.

Better Satellite Service

Radio signals from the communication satellite can be obscured with the sun radiations when the satellite passes right in front of the sun. The disruption caused in the communication can be completely omitted if the sun is put out.

Easy Astronomy

The astronomy would become a lot easier to study, not because you will become smarter when the sun is gone. Observatories operating from the Earth would remain functional all the time.

Credits: Gifmania

With the sun no more in the picture, the lack of warmth in the air would reduce noise from the atmosphere that interferes with the images. The adaptive optics systems will have a lesser load to bear while resulting in images sharper than before.

Stable Dust

Did you ever want to sprinkle the dust into the orbit and wished it would remain there in a stable state without losing its angular momentum or dissolving the orbits? Did you always want to reverse the Poynting–Robertson drag? Yes, you can do all of this once the sun is gone.

Cheap Infrastructure

Did you know that most of the bridges are built over water bodies? No, well now you do. Imagine that if there is no sun to keep water in its liquid state, we might as well just lay a layer of asphalt over the ice and voila. The Department of Transportation estimated that the repairs and maintenance of each bridge in the US cost $20 billion each year for the 20 years to come.


Credits: Randall Munroe
Inexpensive Trade

There will be significant improvements in the global economy if the time zones are no longer the obstacle between traders. Don’t worry if the person whom you are calling in your office hours is asleep. The trade will become a lot cheaper if the sun just doesn’t show up.

Safer Children

Babies that are not exposed to sunlight in their first six months are safer as compared to the ones who are, says the North Dakota Department of Health. The ‘days of night’ will make our children safer.

Safer Combat Pilots

Among many unresolved mysteries of science, one is the Photic Sneeze Reflex, a condition where some people sneeze when they come into the sunlight. This reflex is a danger to combat pilots during flights or combats. You think I just made it up, read more here. Imagine, the cold sun will no longer cause our combat pilots to sneeze.

Safer Parsnip

The chemical furocoumarins found in wild parsnip can cause chemical burns when exposed to sunlight. The chemical may not cause burn for days or even weeks initially, but later the condition is diagnosed as  Phytophotodermatitis. However, it will not cause any burns even after weeks if the sun just vanished.

Credits: Randall Munroe

Most of the benefits mentioned will only be possible if the sun dies. The only downside to the scenario would be that well, we may freeze and then die as well.

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