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Steve Jobs’ Vintage Wardrobe Is Up For Auction

Are you an ultimate Steve Jobs fan? You can get your hands on the shirts, wrist watches, bowties, ID badges and the other discarded stuff of the founder of the largest tech company in the world.


Image Source: Julien’s Live


The weird thing is that these items are up for auction as a part of the estate of the actress Jane Fonda. The items available for sale include quite a few interesting pieces like the NeXT turtleneck and the complete ensemble of a Versace button-up, a pair of Levi’s distressed jeans, and a Neiman Marcus bow tie.


Image Source: Julien’s Live


The collection up for auction also includes the Wilkes Bashford’s brown leather bomber-style jacket as seen in the iconic images of Steve Jobs flipping the bird to an IBM sign.



Other interesting items include the bathrobe and electric razor set.


Image Source: Julien’s Live


The items are being auctioned off at the Julien’s Live.