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Soundlazer Speakers Let You Focus Sound To A Particular Position Like Laser Beams

This peculiar looking speaker isn’t just different in how it is designed but it even works in a unique way. Meet Soundlazer Snap that works on a different principle as compared to the conventional speakers.

What do we mean by a different principle? Well, let’s start off by telling you all how a traditional speaker works. The sound waves basically spread out in all direction when the conventional speaker is being used, thus filling up the room with sound waves or music in layman terms.

The Soundlazer Snap is different in this way that it employs ultrasonic carrier waves to transmit sound waves like a focused beam (think laser) thus enabling the sound to be directed to any object or person. This translates into the fact that you can listen to music without disturbing others who are in the room or enable advertisers to advertise a message only in front of the poster therefore, reducing the sound pollution.

The project is raising funds on Kickstarter and with 48 days still remaining before the campaign ends, has already exceeded the goal of $25,000 and has raised about $40,000. The creator says that the speaker isn’t going to be a retail product but rather a simple prototype aimed at being used as a foundation for others to build upon and come up with enhanced and advanced gadgets/projects.