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Sometimes 4×4 Isn’t Enough – Check Out This 6×6 Land Rover Defender

Kahn Design Imparts Another Axle and Creates Flying Huntsman7

We’ve seen the Mercedes G-Wagon go six-wheel and were quite happy with the results. Kahn Design has stepped forward by making a Land Rover Defender go six wheels as well! The tuning shop in Britain has unveiled the ‘Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6’ that seems ready to take over the world!Kahn Design Imparts Another Axle and Creates Flying Huntsman

Once you see the Flying Huntsman, you will instantly realize that the only other vehicle capable of looking great and classy with six wheels other than Mercedes G-Class is Land Rover Defender. It was stretched by almost 1200mm – 400mm in front and 800mm at back by Kahn Design, followed by incorporating another axle into it and imparting the same configuration as that of G63 6×6.

It features six 20-inch wheels, lightweight allow, that have been rolled in Cooper LTZ 275/55/20 tires. It also sports a chassis that is heavy duty along with upgraded braking and suspension, hi-lo ratio drive system and locking differentials. The car is more than just a car for show and packs 430hp with GM LS3 V8 that is capable of tackling any terrain without difficulty. The engine works in collaboration with the GM 6-speed automatic transmission while directing the waste out via an upgraded stainless steel exhaust system.

Afzal Khan, CEO and Creative Director of Kahn Group said, “The Defender is probably the most iconic and well-loved British vehicle in existence – I believe even more so than the Mini. The fact that Land Rover are retiring it is an absolute tragedy – it’s one of my top three all-time favorite vehicles. With the Huntsman Concept, I set out to create something fashionable, iconic and revolutionary which carries on the spirit of the Defender.”

Apart from the additional length and upgrades pertaining to mechanical side of the car, the Flying Huntsman has also been given hammered aluminum fender panels and was also widened by about 150mm. The finalized product has a modified body with a new bumper with X-Lander grille and some amazing Kahn badging thus imparting an aggressive and beast like look to the car. The paint has been named as ‘Volcanic Rock Satin’ by Kahn.

Kahn, officially, states that the Flying Huntsman is coach-built concept. Having said that we are still quite optimistic about Kahn selling a few of these to customers. As of now, they are busy with streamlining the production plans with 5 versions of the car. Fingers crossed for how this amazing car does on road!

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