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Shocking Video Shows Why You Should NOT Wear Any Metallic Object When Going For MRI


MRI is the epitome of technological advancement. Most of the Americans have either undergone or will most likely undergo MRI screening during their life. The reason why MRI is such an amazing process is the fact that it allows the doctors to quickly ascertain what’s wrong with the patient.

The machine employs strong magnetic fields. Thus it is of utmost importance that anyone who is getting ready for an MRI test be stripped off of any metallic object. Patients are usually scanned with a metal detector and any magnetic object is taken away. Such objects include belts, glasses or earrings. If you dare take any metallic object close to the MRI machine, the consequences can be severe and in some cases; deadly. The machine is capable of pulling heavy object even from across the room into its path.

The power of these magnetic fields have recently been tested out by a team of researchers and they captured it on video for all of you to see.