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Shark Wheels – The Wheel Reinvented


Technology and science are our best friends, why; because they are constantly working to take us to a safer and more efficient future. We see new designs and innovations coming in everyday. They are even re-modeling what we considered unchangeable. However, scientists and engineers are even re-designing and improving our daily items. Like, for example, who would have thought someone would re-invent the wheel? Exactly!

Meet David Patrick, the inventor who resides in Los Angeles and the guy who is being referred by the media as the re-inventor of wheel. Surprisingly, what seemed to be doing a pretty good job has a challenge to keep up with; a competition if you will? This recent invention is similar to a cube and has a peculiar and innovative design. These new wheels are being called the Shark Wheels. Their target market is the skateboard market which is global and is booming these days. As far as the looks go, these wheels are completely different from our regular wheels and their performance beats the predecessors as well! The funding campaign on Kickstarter, is already viral and has left its target of $10,000 behind while achieving the six times of the goal value in only two weeks.

Media agencies that have covered these wheels includes; Huffington Post, Discovery Channel, Popular Science, The Atlantic, MSN, Yahoo, International Business Times, The Daily Mail and Gizmag along with many other tech related blogs. For those of you who want to get a hands on experience of what the Shark Wheels are capable of; feel free to check out their campaign at Kickstarter where you shall be provided with reviews and the updates on the product. Oh and there are almost 4 days remaining to get these under retail price, so hurry up folks; such an opportunity and such a creation comes only once in a blue moon.