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Sensabubble Alerts You With Bubble-Borne Images, Messages and Odours


Sensabubble takes human-computer interfaces to a whole new level. It differs from other such interfaces because it gives users the luxury of getting alerts and notifications in the form of images, texts and smell enclosed in smoke filled bubbles.

This whole project is the part of an ongoing research by scientists from the University of Bristol. They are going to present this research at ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

The Sensabubble concept is based  on “chrono-sensory mid-air display system” that delivers information and feedback through multiple senses. The machine relies on an advanced bubble blower with a head that rushes through a bubble solution. It is then occupied by fog and produces the light gust of air necessary for bubble release.

It gets tricky from here on. The bubbles are released at a particular pace and they possess a peculiar shape. The released bubbles are processed by the machine in such a fashion that images and messages can be projected on them. The thing, which makes this concept unique is that these bubbles can even be filled with scents and fragrances. These persist even after the bubble has been popped.

Professor Sriram Subramanian is the mind behind this research. He has ideas of making this technology work in many new ways. For example, he demonstrated  a clock that depicts the hour with the exact  number of scented bubbles, and Sensabubble Maths, which possesses the feedback system of learning for the children. He is very hopeful that it can be of great use in the fields of gaming, advertising, education and marketing. “There are many areas in which bubble-based technology like Sensabubble could be applied, such as a SensaBubble clock that releases the number of scented bubbles corresponding to the hour, or Sensabubble Maths, an educational game for children, which incorporates smell as feedback on their success”, he said. Professor Sriram is going to present his research soon and we wish him all the luck and hope that he makes this opportunity count, and makes progress with regards to its application in several fields.

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