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See What Happens When 100,000 Lumen Lights Are Turned On In The Worlds Brightest Room

Turning on a 100,000 Lumen Light in the World's Brightest Room To See What Happens

In the continuation of an earlier video where an entire room was painted with the world’s blackest paint, Musou Black, The Action Lab shows us what it looks like inside a room when painted with the world’s brightest paint accurately called LIT.

The action lab finds the brightest glow-in-the-dark material to be seen and explains that it becomes its own flashlight when charged up with light. The best part is that you can charge it with thermal energy, meaning that the walls will always be LIT in a warmer room. This is the reason behind the cool visuals in the video.

After acquiring the paint and covering the entire room, he switched on a 100,000-lumen flashlight to see how bright the room glows. If you’re anxious to see the results, make sure you have your sunglasses on for this one because this experience might be too dazzling for you!

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