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This Secret US Government Airline Flies In And Out Of Area 51 Everyday

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The secret US Government Airline, known as Janet Airline is something we know nothing about. Even the name is dubious. Some say it is an acronym for Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation. Others say that Janet was the call sign being used by the pilots when they were in civilian airspace.

One thing we do know is that a fleet of white Boeing 737-600 airliners is operating out of the Gold Coast Terminal at the Las Vegas Airport. The planes have no markings on them except a single red stripe running along the side of the plane and the registration number.

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These planes go back and forth between some of the most protected airspaces in the United States. The flights mostly take off from the airport and head north. They turn off the transponders at a certain point so their position cannot be tracked. The pilots also request a frequency change from Nellis Control that supervises the airspace in southern Nevada. Once that is approved the Janet Airline planes move towards the restricted airspace known as Area 51.

The area of the Nevada desert is a US Airforce testing facility known for its secrecy and connection to UFO sightings. The facility is officially named Homey Airport and Groom Lake but is commonly known as Area 51. The Janet Airline planes heading to this destination are probably carrying government employees working for the facility.

(Source: Kim Komando Show)

Even though the CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of the base for the first time 2013 and declassified many documents. There is still much that is unknown about the activities of the base. The Janet flights have also been tracked to head to the Tonopah test area, China Lake, the naval weapons testing and cache area as well as the Edwards Air Force Base.

The Janet planes are owned by the US airforce, but their daily operation is handled by a division of AECOM, How AECOM came into control of this is also a mystery as it is a publicly trading company that provides technical and management support.

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