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Seawolf Lets You Shoot Cool Underwater Videos With Your Go-Pro Camera

There are plenty of drones, gliders and other aerial crafts capable of capturing great moments with your Go-Pro camera. But in my opinion, the pictorial strength of views from the air are no match for the wondrous worlds of reefs and shells submerged beneath the sea. TT Robotix had this incredible idea of incorporating the user’s Go-Pro camera into a submersible remote-controlled bot named Seawolf. It can go up to the depths of ten meters and record 50 minutes worth of valuable photography. Although they aren’t the first ones in the field of submersible photography, their product has an edge over others due to its ability to carry a Go-Pro camera.

The Seawolf uses a pump driven ballast system to execute dives in a static manner. This design means that the robot can dive and ascend vertically. It is much more useful than hydrodynamic diving that uses fluid movement to dive and rise. The Go-Pro versions like Hero 3 or Hero 4 are perched on an acrylic nose fitted into Wolf’s highly compact hull. It can reach a maximum depth of ten meters and operate at a speed of 1.8 knots. The 5,000 mAh battery ensures a good battery timing with the wolf having a steady fifty minutes battery.

Another plus point in the development of Seawolf is that it is being introduced in three different versions; F11, F12, and F13 models. F13 uses a dangling cable to transmit signals underwater. The wireless versions F11 and F12 don’t require it as they communicate via a Wi-Fi buoy that is floating at the top of the surface. It relays instructions to the parent device that can either be an LCD or a smartphone. This flexibility of the submarine drone is particularly useful while doing offshore photography.

The price range of the Seawolf is much lower that of other competitors like Aquabotix Hydroview that costs in excess of 3,000 dollars. The Seawolf is expected to cost around 999 $ initially. Marine wildlife photographers will be drooling at the very sight of this nifty submersible.