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Scientists Have Found Giant Stone Jars Made By Ancient People In India

In four new locations in Assam, India, researchers have found enigmatic enormous jars that would have been used for cremation ceremonies. The finding is the result of large cooperation comprising Australian National University academics (ANU). The shape and design of the 65 newly unearthed sandstone jars vary, with some high and cylindrical and others partially or completely submerged in the ground. Similar jars, some as tall as three meters and as broad as two meters, have already been discovered in Laos and Indonesia. Another unsolved enigma is what the massive jars were being used for. The researchers estimate they were likely related to funeral practices.

The new study’s main goal was to examine existing locations in Assam. However, when the researchers walked throughout the terrain, they found there was still much more to discover. “At first, the crew only went in to examine three huge locations that had not previously been studied. Grids were then created to investigate the surrounding highly wooded areas “Skopal said. “This is when we initially began looking for new jar locations. The crew only investigated a small region, so there are definitely many more out there; we simply don’t know where they are.” The monitoring and recording of these sites are critical for cultural development in India.

The jars appeared to have been sculpted from stones, according to Skopal. There is proof of a mine in Assam, although they might possibly have originated from a creek or riverbank where rocks would have been present. Within the jars, lines, where equipment was used to cut them, can be observed. “After that, they had to transfer it.” It would have taken hundreds of guys to lift it or load it into a cart.” According to study author Nicholas Skopal, they have “barely touched the surface” of the stone jar sites in Assam. “We’ve begun to locate more,” he explained. “There’s a lot of jungle and woodland here.” We’ve just looked at one little part of the picture. There must be more, since every time we go out, we get lost. The team intends to return to Assam in order to locate other jar locations before they are destroyed due to forest clearing for cultivation.

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