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Scientists Claim That The Iceberg That Sunk Titanic Was 100,000 Years Old

Titanic Sinker Iceberg Was 100,000 Years Old, Scientists Claim 4

Welcome to history class folks! According to scientists who have been following up on the origins of the colossal lump that is responsible for sinking the Titanic have concluded that it is about 100,000 years old.
Titanic Sinker Iceberg Was 100,000 Years Old, Scientists Claim
This amazing discovery was made following a cross-check of data on ocean currents along with witness descriptions from 1912. They spent their time tracing the infamous iceberg quite carefully and now are of the opinion that it originated from snow that fell 100,000 years and formed glaciers south-west of Greenland.

It is believed that when Titanic made impact with the iceberg in 1912, it was about 400 feet in length and had a mass of 1.5 metric tons. It is further believed that the size of this lump of ice – 100ft above water – was about 1,700ft long when it was formed. Scientists also believe that it most probably drifted from the Qassimiut on the southwest coast of Greenland.

Professor Grant Bigg who teaches earth system science at Sheffield University said, “We have a computer model for calculating the paths of icebergs in any given year.”

The Titanic sank on 14th April, 1912 on its maiden voyage to New York City and the casualties totaled in at 1,517 persons. Most of the people criticized the safety measures and regulations of the ship following it’s sinking.

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