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Samsung Unveils Mirror and Transparent OLED Panels

As of now, we don’t find many applications of reflective and transparent displays at home, however, shops could make a fortune using this technology. Samsung used Retail Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong to unveil the first commercial use of its Mirror and Transparent OLEDs.

Samsung Display has claimed that its Mirror OLED panel can offer a reflectance level of more than 75% while outdoing the reflectance of competitor Mirror LCDs by about 50%. It also sports color gamut of more than 100% NTSC as compared to current 70% of NTSC for Mirror LCDs and also offers a contrast ratio of more than 100,000:1 compared to 4,000:1. Response ratio is also faster at less than 1ms compared to 8ms. OLED doesn’t require any backlight like the LCDs do. Somewhat similar benefits are being offered when it comes to Transparent Display OLED as well. It offers a color gamut of 100% compared to the 70% of NTSC for transparent LCDs while offering a transmittance level of 45% compared to the 10%.

So, both of them are offering immense improvement in specs, yes? But we are still at loss as to where will be using them. Samsung has paired the Mirror OLED display with Intel’s RealSense technology and has incorporated a front facing camera for capturing facial movements while tracking hand and finger movements, a rear-facing camera that is capable of scanning and measuring objects and rooms and a snapshot camera that can allow it to alter the photo’s background after picture has been taken.

When these are combined, the display is able to create a ‘virtual fitting room’ that lets customers try on clothing, shoes and jewelry virtually and see how they look in them. At the expo, Samsung was showing a ‘virtual necklace’ display that was created for the Chow Sang Sang Jewelry company. Samsung is also hoping that these Mirror Display would soon be replacing the traditional mirrors at home.