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Samsung Patents A Flying Screen That Follows Your Gaze

A patent for a flying screen was filed by Samsung back in January 2016 and it only recently got approved. The patent claims a “flying display device” that will be able to float around the house. It is basically a screen mounted on a quadcopter with the ability to track your gaze.

(Source: Dreamstime)

The patent application states that the flying screen will be an LCD held aloft by four propellers. Other onboard components are typical to those found in other drones. There is a flight control unit along with a necessary power source, gyroscope, accelerometer, motion sensor, GPS, obstacle detection and a more local Wi-Fi-based positioning system.

(Source: New Atlas)

There would be a sensor unit pointed at the user in order to track their face and eyes as well as to react to gestures and follow voice commands. According to the patent papers, the sensors will be used by the drone to adjust its angle to keep the screen visible and it will be able to move back into your line of sight should you look away.

This can come in really useful when you are busy with something and your hands are preoccupied, For instance, cooking. It will be really convenient to have cooking instructions following your gaze while you actually prepare the meal yourself.

(Source: New Atlas)

However, it is only a patent and it does not in any way mean that it has to see the light of day. But, ever since the news of the patent came out, people are hopeful to see such a device in the future.

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