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Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Being Launched In Europe On 18th September

Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Being Launched In Europe On 18th September

Samsung Galaxy Fold is once again ready to try its luck again after a failed launch attempt during spring 2019. As of September 6, it is available in South Korea. At IFA 2019 in Germany, the company also stated that the device would be making its way to France, Germany, the UK, and Singapore on September 18.

As of right now, only the 5G 512GB variant of Galaxy Fold is available. The Galaxy Fold will be 5G-ready for only selected markets while offering an LTE-compatible version to other markets. It costs approximately $2,000 and even has a Fold Advantage+ program that claims to cover 70% of display repair costs each year. There were rumors of a program that would be providing screen replacement if a visible seam ended up getting formed across the display.

As per an announcement for the US market, it is expected that the device will be made available in the coming weeks in two color variants; Cosmos Black and Space Silver. However, there was no mention of 5G or screen replacements. The information that it does offer is that a new Galaxy Fold Premier Service is set to be launched with the phone. The Premier Service will provide customers with 24/7 direct access to Samsung experts for ‘tailored guidance and support over the phone.’ These experts can even help you set up the phone for the first time via a one-on-one session that has been designed to highlight the unique capabilities of the phone. We believe that this feature has been added to justify the $2,000 price tag.

A spec list has shown, however, that the Galaxy Fold is being launched with Android 9 Pie instead of the Android 10 that has been recently released. The new Galaxy Fold comes with an enhanced protective layer that sits across the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex screen, additional metal layers intended for reinforcing, and a hinge that has been reworked so that it is able to keep the debris out.

Let’s see how the customers receive the Galaxy Fold and whether it becomes a success.

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