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Ryanair CEO Says They Can Offer Free Flights To The Customers Within A Decade. Here’s How


Pic Credits: thegaurdian

You will be able to travel all around the world for free, at least that’s what Ryanair’s CEO hopes he could offer.

The Irish airliner’s outspoken CEO, Michael O’Leary, said that his low-cost Irish carrier is contemplating on offering free travel tickets to their customers in the next five to ten years. This comes after the company brought in record profits in the current fiscal year as the governemnt enforced tax cuts across the industry.

Pic Credits: aljazeera

The exciting news was revealed by O’Leary at the Airport Operators Association conference. He elaborated that such generous offerings were possible courtesy the shared revenue generated at the airports from shopping and retail services.

He said,

“The challenge for us in the future is to keep driving air fares down. I have this vision that in the next five to 10 years that the air fares on Ryanair will be free, in which case the flights will be full, and we will be making our money out of sharing the airport revenues.”

The airline has already announced a host of price and fare cuts in anticipation of the incoming holiday season. Ryanair is comfortable with giving away generous deals as the business has been great and they have received a host of financially appealing offers from European airports.

Pic Credits: thegaurdian

The airline industry has been booming in the Republic of Ireland also because of the tax slashes, such as the popular abolishing of duty up to £97 ($120) on children’s tickets in the UK.

As a result, the tickets from Ryanair have been relatively cheap for some time, with average fares falling by 10 percent between April and September in 2016. The ticket prices are estimated to fall by another 13 to 15 percent in the incoming months, meaning even cheaper air travel for the customers.

But please note that nothing is official as yet, and until any offer comes from the official Ryanair sources, you must not fall prey to any scamming techniques, like the one attempted just a few weeks back.


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