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Russian Government Is Keen To Get The Hyperloop Transportation Technology

Hyperloop transit system has been the highlight of the news lately because of its first full-scale testing track production rolling out in California (2nd quarter of 2016) with expected date of completion being 2017. The transportation design, the most futuristic one so far, is being spearheaded by Elon Musk and has been the attraction for many local and foreign investors. The latest being a Russian private investor along with Russian government – who are keen on getting this technology in Russia as well for transit.
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Is Going To Russia 4

The pneumatic transport employs the use of pneumatic tubes and electronic motors for moving pods of people with speeds of up to 700mph. The company has further claimed that this transit system will cut down the travel time between Los Angeles and San Francisco to 30 minutes.

Hyperloop Chief Operating Officer Bibop Gresta said, “So we’re talking with a Russian private investor to basically have the first route in Russia, and we’re analyzing different possible solutions between different cities. You can connect Moscow and St. Petersburg in 35 minutes.” The private investor wishes to remain undisclosed though.

Gresta further speculated that the Russian Government’s involvement in funding of this project makes sense since because the system utilizes solar power and air pressure for moving the pods at high speeds and has, therefore, low cost of operation (about 10 times cheaper when compared with other travelling options). It is a profitable business and quite ideal for Russia when you look at the broad territory that it possesses along with a dense population.

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