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Room At This Japanese Hotel Is Available With A Commercial Flight Simulator

The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Has Installed A Flight Simulator For Guests

The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu that is located at the Haneda Airport in Tokyo decided to celebrate its 15th anniversary in a unique manner. The hotel decided to open up a hotel suite that houses an actual flight simulator. The Superior Cockpit Room is available for booking from July 18 and boasts a professional Boeing 737-800 aircraft simulator.

The amazing suite keeps in line with the hotel’s current aviation theme and enables the guests to participate in their personal flight plan experience. The hotel suite at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu will have its guests immersing themselves into the skies above the Haneda Airport from the comfort and ease of their own private room.

The guests will, however, not be allowed to work the simulator without supervision. Nonetheless, they will have the option of taking part in a ‘dream pilot experience’. Guests will be allowed to learn how to successfully perform maneuvering and navigation of a commercial aircraft under the wings of a professional instructor or former pilot. The flight simulator session that is assisted by an instructor lasts for about 90 minutes and features navigating through the Haneda Airport terminal while also allowing the guest to undergo a take-off and landing experience.

The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu says, ‘You can experience the sense that you are actually maneuvering the craft by tilting the landscape and by operating your control stick.’ The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu spent about $92,000 for the installation of the flight simulator while hoping that the cockpit experience will become a key attraction for the travelers that are passing through Tokyo or anyone who wants to experience the thrill and joy of piloting a commercial aircraft.

Coming to the cost of this experience; an overnight accommodation in the Superior Cockpit Room starts from $234 per night for the room, the equivalent of ¥25,300. If you want the flight simulation experience, the cost is ¥30,000.