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Rocket Ignited In Vacuum Challenges The Newton’s Third Law Of Motion

rocket challenged newton third law of motion in vacuum

Warped Perception (WP), a YouTube channel is known for his slow-motion videos which often features powerful engines. The description of the channel states, “I believe that slow motion and ultra slow motion videos give us a look into a world which we normally cannot see, but we know it exists.” The recently published video by the channel was inspired by the flat-earthers and conspiracy theorists to test Newton’s third law of motion. He built a bigger better vacuum chamber to see how a rocket behaves in an atmosphere where there is nothing which will push against it.

WP used a solid rocket booster in the chamber. He wrote in the video description, “If we get a reaction and the rocket motor produces thrust while in a vacuum then we know Newtons 3rd Law applies regardless of the presence of an atmosphere and many of the theories can be put to rest.” The channel also contacted the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Illinois to get some rocket propellant. The institute provided them with the fuel and everything else that they needed to built the miniature version of a solid rocket booster which is very similar to what NASA uses in its real rockets. These motors produce a powerful thrust and WP had to come up with an efficient way to mount them. For this, he invented the ‘four-legged-spider.’ Watch the video below to see how the rocket behaved in a vacuum chamber.

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