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Restaurants In China Are Now Hiring Robots As Waiters And Cooks

Robotics is the word of the day where we know with the research and study being put into it, future robots will be carrying out tasks in almost every place possible. In fact, some of it is happening right now; Chinese restaurants and hotels are hiring robots!

First stop is at a new restaurant in Jiangsu Province, China where the restaurant has 15 robots in their staff that not only deliver food to the diner’s table but are also responsible for the cooking. The Robots will greet the customers; deliver food while also helping with the cooking of food as well. Some of the robots are even capable of executing polite conversations while being able to greet a customer with 40 different phrases. The robots are good for a service of 5-8 years where a single one of them costs around $8,100.

There’s another Robot Restaurant that serves dumplings and noodles, which have been cooked by droids and this has been going on for more than a year since it became operational in Harbin, Heilongjiang province. The usher robots greets the customer by extending its mechanical arm and saying; ‘Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.’ The robot waiters follow the tracks that have been painted onto the floor in order to deliver food to tables from kitchen. The dishes are collected that are being prepared by Sir Robot Chef. The restaurant even has a singing robot.

The last stop is at the Pengheng Space Capsules hotel in Shenzhen that has doormen and receptionist who are robots along with robotic waiters. Since the robots don’t need a salary; the stay for the night costs £6.80.