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Researchers Accidentally Discover A New Shade of Blue And You Will Fall In Love With It

It was back in 2009 when this new pigment was discovered by researchers by accident and after careful testing, the new color is finally being developed to be used by artisans in their paintings as well as other commercial uses.

Image credits: Oregon State University

The YInMn blue as it was named was discovered by chance after scientists at Oregon State University heated Manganese Oxide with other chemicals while studying its properties over 1200 degrees Centigrade. While examining its electrical properties, this strange new shade was discovered in quite astonishing circumstances just like the discovery of the first artificial dye Mauveine by Sir William Henry Perkins. The scientists gave it this curious name and then proceeded to further tests. 

Source: Oregon State University

The American Chemical Society was the first to have these results published. But what is so special about the new shade that is exciting people everywhere around the globe?

The pigment is far more stable and in the presence of unfavorable conditions. It doesn’t break down under heat or acidic conditions and unlike other colors like Prussian blue, it doesn’t release Cyanide and carcinogens either so it is a very safe color. One that that can easily be used in paints that could be used in buildings since it reflects the infrared spectrum of the sunlight as well.

Source: Oregon State University

The artists are totally in love with this new shade of blue due to its amazing resistant and color properties. Prominent paint manufacturers, Shepherd Color Company have already got a license for this color and are now soliciting samples of it before commercialization. 

Professor Subraman from OSU said, “Our pigment is useful for art restoration because it is similar to ultramarine but really more durable.”

So, can these healthier shades create a new revolution in the color market? I hope so since we haven’t seen that in a while!