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Reasons Behind Increased Usage of Magento Web Development 

Every day the number of users who want to make purchases online is growing, and with the growth of potential buyers, the number of sellers who are ready to offer their goods or services also increases. If you are one of them, most likely, the question appeared in your head: how can you get a flexible and easy-to-manage solution? Then we recommend paying attention to CMS Magento. This e-commerce platform is rightfully considered the top of all content management systems for online stores. Turning to Magento development professionals, you can be sure that your online store is created using all the features and extensive functionality that this platform provides, and will not be inferior to those of competitors.

It is such an undisputed leader in e-commerce that more than 30% of existing online stores around the world were created with its help. Ever wondered what could unite Coca-Cola, Ford, Olympus, and Nestle Nespresso? These global e-commerce giants are powered by Magento. Large companies use this CMS for an online business for many reasons and if you are interested in learning more about it, keep reading our article today.

Reasons to Choose Magento for eCommerce Development

Why Magento? What are its benefits? This e-commerce system is a very high-quality product. It is elegant from the bottom (from the architecture itself) to the very top (admin and user interfaces). It is a multi-channel e-commerce platform that combines incredible flexibility, and versatility and allows you to implement projects of any level. The system is designed based on the free Zend Framework, written in the PHP scripting programming language, and uses the UNIX operating system.

By choosing Magento, you get a multifunctional site that meets all the requirements of e-commerce and has the most powerful functionality among existing systems for shops. Perhaps you would be interested in taking a closer look at all the benefits that you can get by choosing this platform. Let’s dive deeper into this question.

Makes the Website Mobile Friendly

The process of online shopping from a mobile device is very different from what users are used to on desktops. Therefore, the interface of the mobile version of the online store must take into account these differences and successfully use the strengths of mobile devices. The main tasks of optimizing mobile shopping are to minimize the number of stages and fields to be filled in, as well as to maximize the use of device capabilities: geolocation and access to the camera.

With the Magento platform, you will get complete themes with responsive design. Magento makes the complex compatible with all mobile devices, and in case you are developing a custom design, the developer can create a responsive design for the mobile version of the site, which automatically adjusts to the screen.

Easy to Manage Multiple eStore

The convenient structure of the platform makes it easy to edit data, and manage multiple sites in different languages. If you want to apply a comprehensive multi-store strategy to your online store, Magento might be the best choice. Many companies prefer it because of its multi-channel strategy, which allows you to create and manage online stores from a single control panel. Since its inception, the platform has been guided by the motto “Designed to grow, built for flexibility” and has adhered to it to this day.

Multiple Payment Alternatives

Modern methods of trade require modern methods of payment for purchases in online stores. Paying for goods in ways convenient for potential buyers significantly increases the likelihood that a visitor will place an order. ? Magento has more than 20 different types of payment systems that guarantee a hassle-free purchase for online store customers, such as Paypal or Also, your customers can pay for purchases using a regular credit card, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover, or pay in cash or other ways.

The Platform is Open Source

Magento is open source software, which means it can be distributed, modified (modified, supplemented) for personal tasks without violating the copyrights of developers, and also used to develop other programs, etc. Thanks to this, Magento has the flexibility that allows you to use various extensions or modules. If you need a special project, then with the help of a developer you can make a unique module according to all requirements. Also, open source guarantees reliability, performance, and high security in operation.

SEO-friendly Platform

In parallel with the technical settings, when creating an online store, SEO development will be required. SEO optimization is responsible for the organic promotion of an online store in search results. The better the site is optimized, the higher its position in the ranking. Luckily, Magento is an SEO-optimized platform that gives you an edge over other solutions. It is packed with features such as URL structure, sitemaps, positioning level, required descriptions, etc. Integrating SEO plugins and extensions can boost your site’s rankings and make it more user and crawler friendly. This will allow you to save on promotion services.

Provide Multiple Hosting Options

Magento offers several hosting options that make your eCommerce platform faster and more secure. You can find tools that offer one-click installation, minimizing the amount of work required for internal calibration. With Magento hosting, you can set up a store in minutes and start selling right away. You can also manage all back-end operations like payment processing, shipping, customer support, and more using Magento’s intuitive interface.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency

For high attendance of the online store and stable sales, certain visual and technical equipment is required. A modern functional site should include support for multiple languages and currencies that encourage the user to purchase and make the checkout process as straightforward as possible. With Magento, you can make your online store global by using the system’s multilingual or multicurrency feature to display prices in local currency.

Final Thoughts

The updated version of Magento 2 immediately attracted attention and captured the e-commerce market literally from the moment it was launched. The new version of the platform has an even more perfect interface, the possibility of shopping through mobile devices, the minimum short page loading time, and improved technical architecture.

Magento CMS is a quality platform that is great for creating an online store. In some ways, it can be difficult for an inexperienced user (unlike a website builder), but its capabilities are much wider than other similar platforms. If you are not experienced enough to create an online store on your own, contact the professionals. And if some functions are not in the basic package, the developers will help you connect additional modules — at the moment there are more than four thousand different extensions.

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