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RC Car Hits 188 Mph To Become The Fastest Toy In The World

RC Bullet 4

While science and technology are no doubt making exponential progress, we tend to ignore the not-so-obvious fields that are benefiting from these advancements. For instance, let’s take a look at remote controlled cars.
RC Bullet 2What’s the image that pops up in your mind? We bet it’s from one of your childhood days where you just make that car move around and then forget about it. However, that our dear readers is just the tip of the iceberg over here. Over the years, the RC hobby has gone up a notch or two and once you look into it; it’s a whole new world.

They say speed is addictive and that holds true for Nic Case who has been in the run for breaking speed records and has achieved quite a lot. Back in 2008, he used his Schumacher Mi3-based R/C to enter the world records by achieving a speed of 161.76 Mph. Last year in November, he set the bar higher by achieving a top speed of 171.97 Mph with his new RC Bullet. The recent development is Case controlling an enhanced version of RC Bullet, which has surpassed its previous top speed record.

Last week a video was uploaded on YouTube where the RC Bullet literally fires off with carbon fiver wheels and BSR tires and manages to achieve 182 Mph in its first run but that’s not where the show stops! During the second run, RC Bullet manages to shock all those who are present and those watching the video by achieving a speed of 188.87 Mph. Just for comparison sake; you can’t beat that even if you had a $100,000 sports car in your garage. Feeling envious yet?

For some of the hobbyists, this might be enough but not for Case, who is all set on a journey that will enable him to achieve 200 Mph and this journey has been going on since 2008 when he first made the record. It now seems that he is closing in on the target speed, we wish him luck!
Check out the youtube video below to check out the car:

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