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QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting: Is It The Best Option?


Credits: junctureit

There are over ten versions of QuickBooks offered by Intuit for businesses of various sizes. These include four for QuickBooks Online, three for QuickBooks Desktop, and three more for QuickBooks Enterprise. It is not hard to imagine why it could get confusing for small and medium business owners to choose from one of these solutions. While Intuit itself is focusing on promoting mostly its flagship online solutions in the U.S as well as other countries such as U.K, Australia, and India, several businesses have specific requirements revolving around inventory management, keeping tabs on job profitability, restricting user permissions, building customized workflows, and generating specialized reports. Although most of these capabilities are missing from QuickBooks Online, some are available on QuickBooks Desktop. However, the best bargain would be to opt for QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting.

What to Know Before Choosing the Right QuickBooks Version?

Here’s what you need to know before you buy QuickBooks.

Based on these questions, if your answers lead you to QuickBooks Online, you should start looking for apps that can work with the solution. However, if your answer is QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Enterprise, you need to know the version that is best suited for your requirements.

What Are the Different QuickBooks Enterprise Options?

There are 3 different QuickBooks Enterprise options.

Finally, if you are using an internal server for hosting the solution and have a legacy email system, you should consider upgrading to the cloud solution and perform an Exchange to Office 365 Migration for making the best use of the integrated solution.

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