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Now You Can Print Out Gorgeous Sweaters With Kniterate, A 3D Printer For Knitting

Knitting that cute beanie you have wanted for a long time will be no problem now! Lo and behold this week’s coolest invention, Kniterate which is an affordable and state of the art industrial knitting machine that takes in digital designs and turns them into knitted garments.


Yes, you read that right! It can be seen as a 3D printer for clothes, as you simply need to plug in digital design for any wearable like scarves, beanies, tie, dresses, sweaters or even shoes and Kinterate will do the rest for you!


The technology can be in use as industrial knitting machines, which usually cost over $50,000 and require a whole lot of space to run. But using Kniterate, which costs close to $5,000, you can create personalized and professional knitwear at just the click of a button, and repeat your favorite designs for infinite times!

The designing part is there on a Kniterate software, which entails an online library of templates so you can simply drag and drop design features and add the accessories. The software will allow you to,



Check out this video for more details:

The campaign on Kickstarter is going strong, with the project already raising $381,963 pledged of $100,000 goal with 21 days still to go!

You can learn more about its working in the video below!