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New Technology Allows You To Share Your Phone’s Battery Wirelessly With Your Friend

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Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life and we can no longer comprehend the idea of surviving without ready access to our emails, social platforms and media on the go. The only downside to this addiction to smart life is that the batteries of these smart devices run down too fast for our liking. Even though the power banks provide a handy recharging source, it still is one more gadget to carry around!

Paul Worgan, from the University of Bristol might have hit the jackpot with his brainchild, dubbed the PowerShake. PowerShake enables the smart devices to share their power wirelessly. PowerShake is compatible with all smart devices, including wearables and fitness trackers.


Image Source: YouTube/BristollG


To charge a smart device wirelessly, the device with dwindling battery is held against another smartphone or wearable. And just like that, the power transfer from one to the other is initiated. All it takes is 12 seconds of the wireless connection between the two devices to charge your smartphone enough to last through a phone call of one minute.

The design team of PowerShake, led by Worgan, is setting up to present their creation at the computer-human interaction conference, CHI 2016. Worgan is seen explaining the concept of PowerShake in this video:



Previously, leading smartphone manufacturers including Samsung had introduced wireless charging mechanisms like mats and docking stations for their smartphones. The wireless charging industry is dictated by two standards, namely Qi and PMA. The Team PowerShake is focused on adapting the Qi coil so that it can be utilised to inductively charge a device touching the human skin. The main idea is to layer the Qi coil with a ferrite and copper buffer, just like the one employed by the fitness trackers.

The big question here is not the technical issues involving the wireless charging next to the skin. On the contrary, it relates to the willingness of the users to share the precious battery life with the others. The company is toying around with the idea of allowing its users to trade the battery life! A survey shows that 10% of battery power will be available for purchase at €2.22.

So next time you want to test your friendship, all you need to do is to hold out your smart device next to theirs and see how long they last!