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Poland’s New Battle Tank Features An Invisibility Cloak That Hides It From Enemy Forces

Military’s interest has shifted for sure when it comes to new weapon systems nowadays. We have witnessed a liking for drones and how they are being funded. In fact, we have covered quite a few posts over here at our blog. However, one cannot deny that the strength which a tank imparts to a ground fighting force is unparalleled when compared with drones.
 The tank’s firepower is enormous and well, terrifying. However, the stealth and precision of a drone is what has had it favoured over the past few years, but with this latest research, the tanks might be making their move to take on drones.

Poland has developed a tank, which is capable of hiding in plain sight while still being fully capable of causing the damage to enemies. The tank is known as PL-01 and comes with a 120 mm primary gun, two turrets which qualify as secondary weapon. Along with these, it also has a coaxial 7.62 machine gun and a weapon station which is remote controlled and located on its roof. In short the tank is capable of taking out targets anywhere on the battlefield.

So why is this tank such a big deal? Grab onto your hats folks; this tank comes with a radar and thermal camouflage system, which means that the three person crew will be safe while they attack and re-position themselves away from enemy fire. The infrared camouflage system is made up of hexagonal plates and is capable of taking heat readings from tank’s surrounding area and then alters the PL-01 heat signature to match that of its environment and hence, the tank simply disappears for those attackers, which are relying on infrared to locate the target; such as drones and missiles. This also allows for variable heat signatures to be adapted, hence rendering the tank as an average car even.

The first fully functional prototype is expected to be completed by 2016 and after successful testing of this prototype, the PL-01 will start coming off the assembly lines. According to our speculations; that will happen at the end of this decade hopefully. However, how feasible or useful this advancement is, still remains to be seen.
Check out the video on this tank for for information: