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Plane Makes An Emergency Landing On Highway In Canada

This Plane Makes An Emergency Landing On Highway In Canada

Now, this is something that doesn’t happen every other day unless you are watching an action movie – a small plane was able to cause quite a commotion on Thursday morning when it ended up making an emergency landing on a highway close to Quebec City. We have dashcam footage emerging from a vehicle on Highway 40 that shows the Piper PA-28 Cherokee coming in for landing and landing in the center of the westbound lanes around 10:30 AM.

Once it managed to execute a touch-down, everyone continued driving and the hatchback directly behind the aircraft can be seen tailgating the aircraft. So, what happened? We know that the aircraft called the Quebec City fire department asking for permission to land on the highway. The pilot’s swift landing makes it clear that they possessed incredible piloting skills. The highway is located only a couple of kilometers south of the Jean-Lesage International Airport.

As per the Quebec provincial police, it was a mechanical problem that caused the pilot to make this emergency landing. Fortunately, no one got injured during the incident. Furthermore, the traffic only had to experience a halt for under an hour during which the firefighters and police officers were able to take the plane off the highway to a parking lot located nearby. Surprisingly, this is not the first time that a small plane managed to make its way in Canadian highway traffic.

Last time it happened, it was when a plane overshot a runway at Markham’s Buttonville Airport located close to Toronto back in March 2019. The plane was barely able to avoid making contact with a couple of cars that were on the highway at that time.

Still, the footage of this recent incident is very astonishing and what’s Canadian about it is how everyone continues to carry on with their journey as if this kind of incident is an everyday thing in Canada. Furthermore, it can serve as proof that people would tailgate anything and everything without making any sort of exception.