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Photographer Travels The World Taking Pictures Of The Most Beautiful Women In Each Country

How many times have you wondered about quitting your job and spend the rest of your life taking pictures of people across the globe? Well, this woman Mihaela Noroc from Romania was able to do just that as she quit her boring job in her home country and went to go backpacking across the world. A lot of people do that to enjoy their lives but she also had something in her mind she wanted to do. She wanted to photograph different from hundreds of thousands of ethnicities around the world and make a gallery which she named ” Atlas of Beauty“. 

According to her:

More than ever, I think our world needs an Atlas of Beauty to show that diversity is something beautiful, not a reason for conflict,” Noroc explains to Tech Insider. “I hope that the portraits from The Atlas of Beauty can challenge many misconceptions that exist around the world.”

She is fluent in five languages and has been able to communicate well across the world. She is currently looking for funding and has amassed an amazing gallery of women beauty across the world. She wants to cover each country in the globe and you can keep tabs on her at  Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. She has spent three years in this process overall. 

A beautiful woman from Moldova, a small Balkan state seen here in the streets. Her features are typical of her region.

The thing about beauty is that it only lies in the eyes of the beholder and certainly not what men want to see in someone but something that is universally aesthetic. Here, a hardworking woman from Peru is pictured who has to walk hours every day to get to work. The harsh weather is showing on her face.

She also finds people online and then photographs them. Some are very friendly and invite her back to their homes. Here, she is hosted by this Ecuadorian woman in her living room.

A woman trader from Dushanbe, former Soviet republic of Tajikistan. Such a unique culture.

Then there are women whose lives have been changed by the war around them. This Wakhani girl from Wakhan strip in Afghanistan has sadness and misery in her eyes. But she was very welcoming and hospitable as well.

Ethiopia presents a different concept of being. Here, a woman is seen in a different haircut.

This woman from Iceland was fully prepped for the cold. Her eyes are just like the colour of the water behind her.

Noroc always tries to capture woman without make-up to showcase their natural selves. Here, a young girl from Istanbul, Turkey sits inside a tiny teahouse.

One of the most interesting places to be was Ethiopia. Here, a Muslim girl is seen whose best friend is a Christian. Many Muslims and Christians do well there but there are terrible conflicts over there each year as well.

A tribeswoman from the rain forests of Amazon river, Ecuador.

This old woman from Bukhara, Uzbekistan shows us the diversity of her subjects.

In some places, nobody accepts to be pictured. Here, a girl from Maori, New Zealand poses for her.

A coloured woman poses in Harlem, New York.

An Uzbek woman in Kyrgyzstan in her natural shape.

A Buddhist nun in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A Mongol girl from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

A nice-looking computer engineer from Cairo, Egypt steals the show with her hazel eyes.

A local woman from the Java Sea, Indonesia.

This North Korean Doctor in Pyongyang is a typical Korean girl.

A brunette from Sofia, Bulgaria.

This woman was on her way to a hospital in Guangzhou, China to give birth to her child when she was photographed. How happy she seems.

A blonde girl in Baltic Sea, Finland.

A local artist from Valparaiso, Chile.

A woman from the streets of Havana, Cuba.

A Russian Ballerina in St. Petersburg.

This modestly dressed girl in Iran shows how women don’t always need to display more to get attention. Very natural and beautiful.

A young local woman in Capt Town, South Africa.

A willowy blonde girl in Oxford, United Kingdom.

An Ecuadorian girl is wearing traditional Spanish dressing.

She has photographed a lot of people in India from actresses like Sonam Kapoor to local slum girls. Here, a woman waits for her train at a local station.

A young girl from Medellin, Colombia.

A woman from Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

A red headed woman poses for her in San Francisco, USA. The spots on her skin don’t look bad here as they go well with her hair.

She is also sometimes criticised for showcasing a narrow side of beauty. Here, a blonde girl from Latvia poses for her.

A Tibetan woman in the China.

A young mother and her son from Australia pose here for her. Very beautiful I must say. Look at her eyes.

A seemingly patriotic woman from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

A woman from Myanmar with a sort of mask on her face.

Here, a young girl from her own country of Romania.

So, which of these unique beauties did you like and how you want to travel now! Let us know in the comments!

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