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Philips And Dubai Unveil The World’s Most Efficient LED Bulb

(Credit: Dubai Municipality)

LED light bulbs have been in high demand mainly because they are more energy efficient than the conventional incandescent bulbs. Philips, in collaboration with the municipality of Dubai, is now looking to make them even more efficient by developing a range of LED bulbs that reduce electricity consumption by up to 90 percent. Adding to that, the new LED bulbs will also last up to 15 times longer than their incandescent counterparts, making them a wise and attractive choice indeed.

The Dubai Lamp project, launched this week at the Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition, has been started to trigger the initiation of sustainable development while contributing to an elusive target of 30 percent reduction in the city’s energy use by the year 2030.

The Dubai Lamp comprises a family of 4 LED bulbs, each of which are available in “cool daylight” and “warm white” colors(Credit: Philips)

Philips has already made their mark in the LED market with the launch of Hue bulbs which have been employed to illuminate stadiums, congregations and cities across the globe. Taking this achievement one step further, Philips now looks to develop the world’s first commercial 200 lumens (lm)/watt LED bulbs, which will be its most powerful and efficient bulb till date. The upgrade in technology can be judged from the fact that its next best bulb achieves only 101 lm/W.

The Dubai Lamp range will consist of four LED bulbs, available in both the “cool daylight” and “warm white” colours. The values range from 1-W, 200-lm E14 candle bulb, to a 2-W, 400-lm E27 classic bulb a 3-W, a 600-lm E27 classic bulb and finally a 3-W, 12-V MR16 spot to replace 50-W, 12-V halogen spot bulbs.

These LEDs will replace Philip’s 25-W, 40-W and 60-W incandescent bulbs, and will be used across the city of Dubai, which runs on 220V to 240V mains.

In order from left to right: a 1-W, 200-lm E14 candle bulb, a 2-W, 400-lm E27 classic bulb and a 3-W, 600-lm E27 classic bulb(Credit: Philips)

The Dubai Lamp will be commercially launched in Dubai by the end of the year. Philips is also planning to roll it out across the globe very soon, which makes us very excited!

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