Philadelphia Wallpapers: Wallpaper Of The State In HD For Free Download

Philadelphia is a very historic city. Its name means ‘brotherly love’. It has been the place of many firsts in the United States, including the first hospital and medical school, the first library, first stock exchange and the first zoo. During the Revolutionary War, it was temporarily the nation’s capital. 39 million people visit the Greater Philadelphia region each year.

It has many cultural treasures to offer. In particular, if you are a fan of the colonial style of architecture, Philadelphia is a good place to visit, because many buildings of this city date back to that period in history. Maybe you have downloaded some Philadelphia wallpapers from the internet that show these buildings and they are worth taking a look at in person.

The Franklin institute is one of the cities more prominent places to visit. It has a history dating back to 1824, and if you interested in science, will be sure to be of interest.

If you like art, Philadelphia is also good place to visit, because in fact, the city contains more public art than any other American city. The Mural Arts Program that the city runs has created over 2,000 public murals for public enjoyment. As far as the music scene goes, many famous artists hail from this city. Philadelphia soul is the city’s own particular style of soul music, and has influenced many other soul music styles. If you are into hip-hop, you might like to visit the place where many famous hip-hop artists started out, including the Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, & The Fresh Prince (Will Smith).

So whatever reason you come to Philadelphia, I feel that you are of little risk of being disappointed by the excitement you may have over the images in the Philadelphia wallpapers that you may have downloaded, and realize that this large and historic city has much to offer the many visitors that come to see it each year.