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This Is How People With Different Eye Conditions See The World

Perfect vision is a blessing that many of us take for granted. Waking up every morning in the light shining through our eyes, and drowning ourselves in the infinite colors of the world, we may never realize the beauty of it.

If your eye sight is a little weak, the thought of wearing the spectacles or contacts 24/7 is bound to drive you mad. You gotta be glad that at least a pair of glasses can fix the problem for you.

There are dozens of eye conditions that alter people’s vision, and they begin to see things differently. Sometimes it is the temporary effect of any particular consumption, and sometimes it is any medical condition. It will be interesting to see how all these people view the world. Let us have a look at the world from their eyes.

Perfect Vision Of Healthy Adult

Perfect vision without dizziness or any other problem.

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You cannot see the close objects, but they look fine if they are far away. Yep, this is what we call far-sightedness.

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The closer objects are clear, but the farther ones are not. This is called short sightedness.

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People with cross eyes are believed to see a double image because the vision of both of their eyes does not align. In reality, their brains ignore the image from one of their eyes.

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Practical Blindness

These people can distinguish between abstract shapes, colors, and light, but they are considered blind because they cannot live like a sighted person.

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Partial Light Perception

Usually, people who do have some vision in the beginning and then loose it as they grow old still have a little perception of light. They can differentiate between light and dark.

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Perfect Blindness

Pitch black darkness is what the perfectly blind people see, but they cannot say that it’s black because they have no perception of colors at all.

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Color Blindness

There are many forms of color blindness, and the vision varies from type to type. The most common of them is deuteranomaly where the green and red colors lose a little saturation. In several other forms, they may not be able to differentiate some colors at all.

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New Born Baby

An infant only has the vision to know the difference between light and dark.

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A Month After Birth

This is when a baby begins to see large objects and the ones that are about 8 inches away.

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Six Months After Birth

A baby begins to see faces three months after birth. Bably is only able to see bright colors like red and yellow at an age of around six months.

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Drunk Vision

If you are quite intoxicated with alcohol, this is how your vision may end up.

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After Smoking Cannabis

Kind of like a drunk person but comparatively clearer.

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Vision On LSD

Circular patterns with distorted and stained colors.

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If you snort some cocaine, you may see the world a little brighter and fuller. Kinda distorted too!

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When you are high on heroin, you will almost lose your senses. How does the world look? Never mind!

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It is rightly said that World has numerous colors and forms!

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