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Now You Can Draw Your Circuit Using A Pen With Conductive Ink


A Tokyo based startup has designed a pen that lets you design any circuit you want. The pen makes the work easy on paper. Seeing your work lighting up on a piece of paper might seem a little weird, but it can have cool and practical uses. Soldering and creating electronic circuits are sometimes really annoying and occasionally unsafe as well. This Japanese startup has provided the perfect solution for these problems and now giving more options to create electrical connections.

Elephant Tech has produced impressive products, and each of it aims to allow the user to create connections from home. It makes it so easy that a seven years old kid can also do it. One of their amazing products is their electric prototype kit, the Erasable Circuit Marker kit. It had a very popular Kickstarter campaign and the kit consists of a circuit marker and a circuit eraser. Using the Circuit Marker, you can draw any electric circuit easily and very quickly. The Marker is filled with AgIC nanoparticle silver ink. When you draw with the ink and connect two points you can create a working electric connection.

If you make any mistake while drawing the circuit, the Circuit Eraser will come in handy and will help you clean it up. It is just like the eraser that we use in our color pencils. You can easily remove any unwanted marks from your masterpiece circuit.

The team says on their Kickstart page, “We invented the Circuit Eraser to bring the process of trial and error to making circuits on paper. When we offered Circuit Markers in workshops and events, we noticed that many people made short circuits, and would have to start from scratch after making a mistake.”

If you want to start drawing some of your own circuits, do not forget to pick their conductive papers along with the Kit. Elephant Tech, formally known as AgIC is an award-winning start-up based in the tech-friendly Tokyo. With two of their successful Kickstarter projects, they took the world by storm with the innovation of electric circuits. The team’s mission is to teach, educate and make electric circuits more accessible to “people of all ages and levels of experience.” The tools they are developing are exciting and democratize technology that might have been inaccessible to the masses for many years. The idea that you can create circuits or a fully functioning city is exciting for those who are interested in electrical or electronics engineering. The Elephant shop was closed at the end of June 2017 since the company was shifting from business to industrial manufacturing services. If you want to get your Kit and conductive paper, you should subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated.