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Peel P50 Is The World’s Smallest Car

We see new innovations and inventions hit the market every day. Some of them are successful in seizing the market while others end up as a failure. However, this does not stop companies and engineers from coming up with newer innovations. The key idea is to come up with solutions to everyday problems. While most articles on cars here are either based on performance or DIY, this particular car is about the world’s smallest car.

What you’re looking at is a Road Legal Electric Peel P50. The current administration has followed the SOPs that were practiced by the original Peel Engineering Company back in 1960’s. All products are taken on a long drive to ensure that they are user-worthy and a number of tests are performed before clearing them for their destined homes. Such practices help build user confidence and this is reflected in the sales of the company.

A few alterations have been made to the original car, but it still can be called the replica of the original. The car has a handle at the rear which allows for maneuvering whenever required. The care weighs around 60 kg and can accommodate an adult and a shopping bag. Such cars, while not suitable for families, can be the perfect car for singles. Oh and it’s a three-wheeler by the way.