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Origami Couch Transforms From A Couch Into A Mattress In Seconds

Origami Couch

We all fell in love with Origami when we saw Micheal Scofield in Prison Break. However, this post covers something, which is on a next level than Michael’s Origami.
This recent innovation comes from Yumi Yoshida who is a designer based in California. The super cool couch is for those who don’t want the couch sitting there all the time. They’d rather have it packed when it’s not needed.

Yumi’s Origami couch does exactly that and is capable of being folded into a floor mat which is thin and wide and the time it takes for the transformation to occur is less than 2 secs; almost like in a blink of eye. So how does this work? The idea is simple; the designer took a single sheet of nylon-entombed foam, which has been employed just like paper in Origami. It makes use of folds to generate surplus compressive strength in a mere 4-5 steps and takes the same number of steps to unfold into a mat with neon orange lining done internally.

If you look at the designer’s website, it would seem that the couch was created a few years ago as a concept by the RISD-educated Yumi. However, it is a simple enough idea to be put to practice. However, whether the consumers would be patient enough with how it works or not is something that remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it is still a brilliant idea that might just take off if executed and promoted well.