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Online Escape Rooms Are Offering What COVID-19 Took From Us

COVID-19 has transformed the way we are living nowadays – cities are on lockdown and tech is becoming highly crucial if you want to connect with others during this time of isolation. Some of the companies are offering online versions of their escape rooms. Remote teams can make use of them during the lockdowns.

Puzzle Break is an escape room company that has four US locations. It has developed a virtual version of its challenge the Grimm Escape. The Grimm Escape paints a world that has been inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Similar to other escape rooms; the aim is to escape the room by destroying the witch’s curse (for this particular room). Remaining true to Grimm fashion, you will have to find clues by making a choice between having to speak to a set of magical animals or having to visit a series of mysterious castles.

How does it work? Players will interact with one another and Puzzle Break employees via Zoom and are able to access puzzles via Google Drive. You can, however, rely on alternative technologies as well. Although, the online escape room doesn’t come with some of the features that its physical counterpart offers; namely clues hiding in props or pop-up escape experiences, the company is trying to offer something new with this particular project.

The players can investigate the images or other files that are stored in a shared folder for the sake of exploring the puzzles that they want to solve. As they progress, Puzzle Break employees create new challenges for the players in the shared folder. Puzzle Break is one of the many online escape rooms that are available. You can also check out ‘Get Your Motor Running’ by Paruzal  Games or ‘Cabin Fever’ by Trapped in the Web. Escape Rooms are the gist of what the COVID-19 has snatched from us and working together with the people that we care about is what’s required during these times.

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