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One Month After The Olympics, Sochi Looks Like A Ghost Town

What will happen to the Sochi Olympic venues? It is still unclear. But a Russian reporter, Alexander Valov, recently visited Sochi’s coastal cluster and took some eerie photos of the ghost town.

The site includes six venues, the Olympic Village and the Olympic Park, all of which were built from scratch on an unused plot of land. Alexander called the area around the Olympic Village “Dead City”. His photos remind us that many of the things built for the Olympics have no long term use.

A few arenas and other buildings will be used in the future (the media center will be turned into a mall), but the government is still behind according to the the post-Olympics planning schedule. Here are a few of Alexander’s snapshots.

Thousands of volunteers and military personnel have also left Sochi, beside the athletes

An apartment-style hotel complex

Olympic Village dorm where athletes resided

A crumbling road in Sochi

Long view of the Olympic Village

Road to the coastal cluster

One of the lawns of the Olympic Park

A bus stop (an amusement park under construction can be seen in the background)

Another deteriorating road

Empty streets and empty rooms

Olympic Village (Fisht Stadium in the background)

A stray dog near the boardwalk

The boardwalk

Trash piling up in a drainage tunel

Bridge Resort Hotel

The main road leading to the Olympic Village

The future of the unfinished projects is unclear

Flooding in Sochi delayed construction before the Olympics

A construction site

An empty road in front of a hotel

The fate of Sochi is unknown