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Now You Can Get Yourself This Personal Submarine For Deep Dives

For those of you who are fond of water and submarines and have some extra cash lying around, we present to you the Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II. The submarine measures a length of 19.6ft and a width of 9.8ft.

It weighs 4,000lbs and has been created from carbon reinforced composite and is capable of carrying a pair of people down to a depth of 393 feet below the surface. Apart from this, it even comes with a pair of thick ‘wings’ and brush-less DC motor, and is powerful to allow the submarine to move through water with speeds up to 6 knots instead of just sinking down the surface like other vehicles do.

Deepflight has given priority to the safety of passengers and the Super Falcon has been designed to be positively buoyant. This will prove to be helpful if engine failure was to occur since the vehicle will be able to float to the surface on its own. If the vehicle was to become trapped underwater, it will be able to maintain two 12-hr life support systems while also being able to run VHF and underwater radios for communication.

There is no information yet about the price of Super Falcon, but we know that the equipment and features include carbon fiber seats along with fly-by-wire controls and even optional integration with your yacht (given that you own one). Also, this vehicle will be built only on order so yes, you can expect the price to be high. Check out the video below for more details:

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