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Now You Can Buy A Real BMW Transformer

The Transformer series has given us all car cum robot goals to dream about. A Turkish company named Letvision is brining all our dreams to reality with its life-sized BMW Transformer!

The company has already created a successful prototype of its machine and now plans to sell its Transformer vehicles to the prospective buyers.


Image Source: Letvision


The Letrons can transform into a life-sized BMW and can be driven via a remote control. Albeit the slow transformation, it is completely unassisted and the BMW transforms into Letrons of its own accord.


Image Source: Letvision


The robotic BMW Transformer can move around its heads, arms, fingers, neck, and hands. The Letrons could also produce fog and create lighting and sound effects. The BMW transformer comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, even if its purpose is not evident!


Image Source: Letvision


The Letrons is still in the prototyping phase of its development. Letvision has yet to incorporate the driving functionality because, as of yet, you cannot ride inside the Letrons.



It’s too bad that Letrons will be too pricey to end up as a Christmas present!