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Now Astronauts Can Enjoy Fresh Pizza In Space Thanks To This Amazing 3D Food Printer


Pic Credits: NASA

We saw the space pizza proposition make headlines last year, and now it seems as though it has become a reality courtesy an effort of a whole year and NASA’s exuberant funding. NASA recently revealed the first prototype a 3D printer which can create a fully edible and nutritious pizza!

The mechanical engineer behind the concept, Anjan Contractor admits that the pizza, for now, doesn’t look a product capable of tingling the taste buds, but he is fully committed to turning this edible design into an attractive looking one as well.

Pic Credits: NASA

Systems and Material Research Corporation, the company for which Anjan works, was given a whopping grant of $125,000 to help develop the food printer. The video below shows Anjan Contractor’s design in action. Using three different nasals, the printer pastes layers after layers of pizza dough, ketchup and cheese. According to the designer, the finished printed product then takes only 70 minutes to cook.

Although the pizza isn’t a very “commercial friendly” product, it is still a tremendous achievement because it is one of its kind edible food printing technology. And if it is approved, it will be a huge upgrade on the canned and freeze-dried foods currently in astronauts’ space menu.

Pic Credits: NASA

Do you like the looks of this pizza, or do you think it still needs a lot of improvement? Let us know in the comments’ section below!