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Norway To Ban Petrol Powered Cars By 2025

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Norway is yet again leading the world in the environmental arena by proposing a complete ban on the petrol driven vehicles by 2025. The reports suggest that the country will ban all carbon fuel-driven cars by the end of the next decade.

The ruling party, as well as the opposition, has arrived at conclusive decisions regarding the fate of the petrol-driven cars in Norway. The Norwegian publication, Dagens Naeringsliv, reported that:

 “FRP will remove all gasoline cars.”

The paper attributes the majority holder, Framstegspartiet, or Progress Party as the driving force behind this ambitious move. Other rightist politicians have denied that a final decision has been reached. Aftenposten reported that the law is still being considered by the FRP. On the other hand, the representatives of the Democratic Party and the Liberal Party have already verified the initial report of Dagens Naeringsliv.


Image Source: Mother Earth News


The four parties ruling in collaboration via a proportional representation system have also agreed upon a climate tax on electricity.

If the law decreeing that cent percent Norwegian vehicles must be shifted to green energy by 2025 comes into force, the country will be deprived of a significant portion of its earnings via the petroleum industry.

Norway is also working its way to becoming the world’s first zero deforestation country. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has welcomed this news enthusiastically:


Image Source: Twitter/@elonmusk


“Just heard that Norway will ban new sales of fuel cars in 2025. What an amazingly awesome country. You guys rock!!”

Electricity drives nearly 24% of the Norwegian cars. The country is one of the leading renewable energy producers with more than 99 per cent of electricity being generated by the hydropower.

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