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Nokia Is Changing Its Logo For The First Time In 60 Years

Nokia, the Finnish multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer, has unveiled its new brand identity after nearly six decades of using the same iconic logo. The change in branding comes as Nokia aims to shift its strategy towards aggressive growth in a highly competitive market.

The new logo features five shapes that are arranged to spell out the word “Nokia” in bold capital letters. The design is clean and modern, with a subtle nod to the company’s roots in engineering. The old blue colour that was synonymous with Nokia has been replaced by a more versatile color palette that will adapt to different contexts.

This move marks a significant shift for Nokia, which has undergone several transformations in recent years. After selling its phone business to Microsoft in 2014, Nokia refocused on the networking and telecom equipment sectors. However, it faced stiff competition from industry giants like Ericsson and Huawei.

Under the leadership of CEO Pekka Lundmark, Nokia is now embarking on a new strategy to gain an edge in the market. The company aims to accelerate growth by focusing on key areas such as 5G, cloud services, and enterprise solutions. The new logo reflects this shift in focus, with a more vibrant and dynamic look that signals Nokia’s ambition and determination to succeed.

The new brand identity will be rolled out gradually across all of Nokia’s communications channels, including its website, products, and marketing materials. It will be interesting to see how customers and stakeholders respond to the change. However, the move is a clear signal of Nokia’s commitment to innovation and growth in the telecom equipment sector.

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